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Boozer Meizu PRO 6 Complete

The booster is designed to play music. Thanks to this, smartphone owners can communicate over the speakerphone, watch videos, listen to popular voice messages. If such a spare part fails, the operation of the smartphone becomes inconvenient.

When to replace the booster:
- works much quieter than before;
- noticeable rales during playback;
- stopped working at all.

If such damage occurs repeatedly, for several months in a row, it should be replaced.

The causes of failure may be:
- long stay of the phone in high humidity;
- moisture entering the part;
- penetration of fat into the gadget;
- oxidation of contacts after moisture;
- drop the phone.

The booster is characterized by high-quality sound and a good volume margin. You can order a booster via the website or contact the manager at the phone number listed on the website.

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