Battery Fly BL4207 (1350 mAh) Q110TV, Discount

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Details - Battery Fly BL4207 (1350 mAh) Q110TV, Discount

Battery Fly BL4207 (1350 mAh) Q110TV

The battery is a device that provides power to the mobile phone remotely from the power network.  Basically, it is built into the body of the device from the back side under the cover.  The main characteristic of the battery is the capacity, which indicates the duration of one charge cycle.  This battery model is equipped with a modern controller that protects the phone from overdischarge and overcharging, thereby ensuring its reliability and durability when working in your gadget.

The main signs of a malfunction:

~ The smartphone began to discharge quickly;

~ Swollen battery (Can damage the cover of the phone or catch fire);

~ Does not charge;

~ The phone works only from the network;

~ Involuntary switching off, especially during conversations.

The characteristics of the battery fully meet the factory technical requirements:

~ Supply voltage - 3.7 V

~ Power – 4.9 Wh

~ Capacity – 1350 mAh

~ Type – Li-ion Polymer

The battery allows you to stay connected for a long time.  There is no memory effect at all.  This is a light battery that is not picky about the periodicity of charging.

You can order a battery through the website or contact the manager by phone indicated on the website.

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