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Display LG KP500 Original

The display of the smartphone is the most vulnerable element of the device, prone to mechanical damage after a fall, minor impact and unforeseen situations.

The main signs of failure may be:

~ spoiled color reproduction, dimmed or streaked screen;

~ the sensor responds poorly to touch;

~ the glass was covered with cobwebs after impact or simply worn out and covered with small scratches, which in sunlight interfere with distinguishing images.

In such cases, we recommend replacing the display module. The display is perfectly compatible with the specified phone model, suitable for bends and sizes. There is a protective film on the surface, which prevents the appearance of traces during transportation. After replacement, you will be able to use the phone again, enjoy a quality picture and sensitive control.

To save the device display, we recommend using:

~ accessories (covers) that can be made of different textures (leather, fabric, silicone, polyurethane);

~ protective glass, which, first of all, takes a hit when falling;

~ protective film that prevents cracks, scratches, chips.

You can order the display through the site or contact the manager by phone listed on the site.    

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