Flash memory (NAND) for iPhone 7 Plus (32 GB)

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Details - Flash memory (NAND) for iPhone 7 Plus (32 GB)

Flash memory (NAND) is the storage component inside the iPhone 7 Plus (32 GB), allowing you to store your photos, apps, music and more in one convenient place. This iPhone is equipped with NAND flash memory technology which enables faster reading and writing speed, providing quick and easy access to stored data.
Benefits of NAND flash memory:
  • Reliable: This type of memory is more durable than traditional hard drives and can withstand rough handling and accidental drops without data loss, making it an ideal storage solution for mobile devices like smartphones.
  • Fast: NAND flash memory allows for significantly faster data transfer rates than traditional hard drives, resulting in faster boot times, app launches, and file transfers for a superior user experience.
  • Efficient: NAND flash memory offers lower power consumption than other storage options, which extends your iPhone's battery life and reduces the overall power consumption of the device.

Purchase the iPhone 7 Plus (32 GB) with Flash Memory (NAND) from GSM Forsage and enjoy a reliable, fast, and efficient storage solution for your most important files and data.

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