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Microphone Samsung T100

The microphone is one of the main parts of the phone, with its help we can communicate with other people. The main task of the microphone is to convert sound waves into electromagnetic ones.

Most often, manufacturers install 2 types of microphones in their mobile devices: noise-canceling microphone and digital (main). These components are often unsoldered on the bottom of the phone. And outside you can see only tiny round holes in the lower part of the body. In the case of the main microphone, it is through this hole that the sound enters the microphone.

The main signs of failure are:

- the interlocutor hears you poorly or does not hear at all;

- You or your interlocutor hear noise during the call;

- The microphone stops working in a separate application.

Causes of malfunction:

* damage to the loop;

* moisture or dust got into the microphone;

* the microphone is physically damaged;

* device software problems.

You can order a microphone through the site or contact the manager by phone listed on the site.

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More Information
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