OCA film for iPhone 4 / 4S, Discount

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OCA Film for iPhone 4 / 4S

OCA film is a thin transparent film used to adhere the glass to the display module. With its help, you can restore the display module and save the original screen.

The film reliably glues the glass to the display without increasing the thickness of the module. When choosing consumables for regluing glass, preference is given to this film.

Advantages of using OCA film:
- thin and transparent;
- does not burn out and does not turn yellow;
- ensures the uniformity of the adhesive layer;
- lack of liquid glue;
- does not require removing the display backlight before gluing the glass.

You can order OCA film through the website or contact the manager at the phone number indicated on the website.

Importantly! The image of the product posted on the site is displayed for informational purposes, the appearance may differ from the one presented.

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