Solder paste QianLi MEGA-IDEA 18g (183°С)

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Details - Solder paste QianLi MEGA-IDEA 18g (183°С)

Solder paste QianLi MEGA-IDEA 18g (183°С)

Solder paste is a consumable for soldering, includes flux, as well as solder microparticles. It can also be used to improve heat transfer and reduce oxidation.

~ without halogens;
~ does not contain harmful substances;
~ easy to apply;
~ ensures a clear and even soldering seam;
~ remains active for a long time.

Solder paste has the following advantages:
- high quality of soldering;
- resistance to spreading when heated;
- a small residual amount of flux after soldering;
- the possibility of using automated installation.

The paste is a rather viscous substance that should be mixed before use. When working, the surface of the printed circuit board must be cleaned and degreased, the board should be placed horizontally. Solder paste should preferably be applied with a spatula. The required amount is determined from the area of ​​the surfaces to be soldered.

When heated, the paste decreases in size after the flux boils. After that, the balls of solder that are part of the paste begin to melt.

The advantage of soldering paste is that it can be used for soldering without a soldering iron and even without a hair dryer. To do this, you need to apply the paste, for example, to the "twisting" of the wires, heat the connection with a gas burner or lighter, and the solder contained in the paste will firmly connect the wires.

You can order solder paste through the website or contact the manager by phone indicated on the website.

More Information - Solder paste QianLi MEGA-IDEA 18g (183°С)

More Information

Alloy: (tin content - Sn63%) / (lead content - Pb37%)
Melting point: 183 °C
Flux type: RMA
Capacity - 18g

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