Charge connector Samsung N920 Galaxy Note 5 complete with flat and headset, Discount

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Charge connector Samsung N920 Galaxy Note 5 complete with flat and headset

The charging connector is a connector, which is one of the main parts in the phone, performing the process of transferring electricity from the power source to the battery.  Modern charging connectors allow not only charging the device, but also transmitting and receiving data, sound and images.  If the charge port fails, the device cannot be used.

  Symptoms of a faulty charging connector:

  * the charging socket is loose;

  * charging works intermittently;

  * the cable is not included in the charging socket;

  * charging is done only at an angle;

  * the phone stopped recognizing charging.

  Causes of failure:

  * careless handling of the charging connector;

  * moisture in the charging socket;

  * using a charger from another manufacturer;

  * the cable was inserted on the wrong side (if the micro usb connector).

  You can order a charging connector through the website or contact the manager by phone listed on the website.

More Information

More Information
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