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Flex Nokia 7900 + Camera

The camera loop serves so that you can not only take bright photos and record videos, but also save the brightest moments of life forever. If this loop malfunctions, using the gadget becomes quite uncomfortable.

The camera and components of its cable break for a number of reasons:
~ Violation of operating rules;
~ Ingress of dust, small debris and moisture into the hardware;
~ Mechanical impact that provokes the breakdown of individual elements (rupture of the loop, failure of the microphone, etc.).

Restoring a damaged cable is a very complicated and expensive process - the easiest way is to buy a new one and replace it.

The main advantages of the train are:
~ perfect compatibility with the model;
~ high quality part;
~ stable data transfer.

You can order a cable through the website or contact the manager at the phone number indicated on the website.

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