SIM-holder IPhone 5 Bronze, Discount

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SIM-holder IPhone 5 Bronze

The Sim-holder provides contact of the card with the gadget modules.  This is a small and quite vulnerable spare part, its disappearance or damage makes it impossible to use communication and other services of the cellular operator.  Fortunately, it is easy to replace.

 The SIM holder is made of different materials, usually plastic or metal.  You need to be especially careful with the plastic holder, as it is the most fragile.

 The most common reasons for replacing the SIM holder:

 ~ split;

 ~ was lost;

 ~ ingress of water or dirt;

 ~ the formation of rust spots (in the case of metal elements);

 ~ a significant part of the SIM card tray is missing;

 ~ if the SIM holder is stuck in a stationary position.

 We do not recommend using a SIM holder from another model of the device, you need to select components that are absolutely compatible with your device.

 You can order a SIM holder through the website or contact the manager by phone indicated on the website.

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