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Sim connector for HTC One X

The SIM connector is a part that ensures the operation of the SIM card in the smartphone. It serves to combine and read the information with which the smartphone gains access to the mobile network. It has several contact areas to which the SIM card is pressed.

Violation of operating techniques and various force majeures lead to the failure of components. The SIM card connector must be replaced if:
~ Your phone does not see the seven or periodically "loses sight";
~ moisture got into the slot;
~ connectors were inserted very sharply;
~ slot damaged after falling.

Damage to the port is not only a significant limitation of the functionality of the mobile device, but also the risk of a short circuit. Therefore, you should not drag with a replacement, even if at first glance the damage seems insignificant.

You can order a SIM connector through the website or contact the manager at the phone number indicated on the website.

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