Display glass Huawei Nova 2s (HWI-AL00 / HWI-TL00) Black (for gluing), Discount

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Display glass Huawei Nova 2s (HWI-AL00 / HWI-TL00) Black (for plywood)

   The display glass is an important part of the display module, which helps to recognize gestures and touches, as well as protect the display from all kinds of mechanical damage.

   When dropped from great heights and hitting hard surfaces, glass is the first to suffer. If after the fall of your smartphone only glass is broken, and the phone is fully functional and there are no problems with the image and the sensor - then this spare part is for you!

   Pasting glass on the phone is carried out on OCA film - a factory technology that allows you to preserve the original display module, color, sensor recall and the operation of all functions.

   Black color.

   You can order display glass through the website or contact the manager by phone indicated on the website.


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