Protective glass (armor) for ZenFone 6, Discount

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Details - Protective glass (armor) for ZenFone 6, Discount

Protective glass (armor) for ZenFone 6

The protective glass provides safety for the display. It will create a reliable barrier against scratches, scuffs, chips and other mechanical damage to the surface. The glass is 98% resistant to a flat impact, keeping the glass, and if it falls at an angle, in 92% of cases the phone will remain intact.

Protective glass features:

  - covers the entire surface of the front panel;

  - takes on a blow in the event of a fall, reduces the likelihood of cracking on the screen;

  - transparent, does not reduce contrast, color reproduction and some pictures;

  - thin, does not reduce viewing angles and sensitivity of the sensor grid;

  – the edges are specially rounded for more comfortable use.

With this glass, you can forget about air gaps, because everyone can easily glue it. The adhesive base, which is located on the entire surface of the accessory, guarantees excellent fixation and resistance to moisture. Thanks to its coating, it fits perfectly and is fixed on the phone screen. The glass is designed to last for a long time of use, so it will not deform or turn yellow over time.

You can order protective glass through the website or contact the manager by phone listed on the website.

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